Mar 12 2014

King of the gym

body building

Never done 1RM before but my Gym now has a weights records board up so I had to try and get on it.

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Jan 27 2014

Up your muscle growth with Spike days

Add a spike day to your workout every 14-21 days to get that extra super growth

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Jan 09 2014

How to complain

Everyone complains at some point in their life. People complain both professionally and in their private lives. The most base form of complaint is "X sucks". That's no good to anyone. Even if you use more politically correct wording than "sucks". You need to expand on your complaint if you want things to change.

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Dec 07 2013

Sales bonuses break morale


Sales people need to be paid commission to encourage them to bring new work, but should technical staff assisting in the bid also get a bonus?

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Nov 28 2013

A first look at Umbraco List View Types


This option on Document Types quietly slipped into the Umbraco 7 release. It may have been a quiet release but it's a big deal. Why? Well, List View Types allow us to reduce the number of items in the content tree and for people working in the back end this provides for a faster experience. Content is also more easily searched (in my opinion) and more easily browsed.

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Nov 21 2013

Codemasters F1 data feed updated

f1 2012    f1speed    projects

With F1 2012 Codemasters updated their data feed to include a whole set of useful extra parameters, including sector information, lap change data, KERS, DRS, and a whole bunch more.

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Aug 28 2013

Creating a generic test base class that will mock dependencies

castle windsor    dependency injection    design patterns    unit testing

A base test class using Castle Windsor and the ILazyComponentLoader so I don't have to manually setup my mocks. Uses NSubstitute and NUnit too.

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Aug 20 2013

Creating https bindings for IIS on the command line


I've got a script 'ResetEnvironment' that developers can use to reset their developer environment when something goes screwy, or to create the environment when they are first starting on the project. The script has fully automated new environments, except for adding the HTTPS binding to the website in IIS. This always had to be done manually. Another developer has joined the project and I thought this was a good time to really sort this problem out, so we don't have to manually do this step whenever we reset our environment.

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Jul 22 2013

Building your own custom FluentValidation validator mvc    fluentvalidation

How to make your own fluent validator for the FluentValidation framework for .NET

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